Good ol myspace

What is up with myspace band's tour lists?

Its true, Thizz IS what it is.

How do you mean?

A tin-foil hat or aluminium foil deflector beanie is a piece of headgear made from one or more sheets of aluminium foil or similar material. Some people wear the hats in the belief that they act to shield the brain from such influences as electromagnetic fields, or against alien interference mind control and/or mind reading. Others wear them as a stylish fashion accessory.[citation needed]

what is up with myspace?

....if we could walk like bullets

What in the FUCK is the deal with airline food??!

Girlfriend thief

eating airline food = reason not to eat airline food

....if we could walk like bullets

What's up with the opposite sex?

I'm a veteran bitch!

Not having winkies n shit

Girlfriend thief